• Nthakoana Maema

    Thank you all. Pierre as PBO we are exempt from TAX and SDL. And I am not sure if you are aware of the funding environment not all NPOs are government funded. The big question here is that most of our funds are going directly implementation for the projects and the social development (which is not an issue) however there is a necessity to professionalize and upskill the sector so that we meet objectives. In this case we need to find different ways of sourcing training. So really in our case the WSP is an ideal, at the moment, as there are no funds allocated there yet and I am getting a little panicky about the requirements and having to implement the WSP and training plan even in absence of those funds. And on the other hand the question of the WSP comes because we would like an opportunity to apply for discretionary grants. Our focus is youth development. As we all know 60% of youth are unemployed hence we have added skills development as a priority in order to effect in the communities we work in.

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