By drkingcosta, 13 August, 2015


As countries of the world seek to improve global competitiveness, it is of paramount importance that leaders explore engagements on personal effectiveness and self-empowerment in their daily lives.

Leaders (political and corporate), of any entity must embark on an exciting and profitable journey of continually discovering excellence and good in people they lead and themselves. Taking a journey of self-development does lead to improved service delivery, enhanced personal value and heightened self-confidence.

Improved service delivery, in the broadest possible sense, is something that we must all seek with a renewed vigor, If personal effectiveness is not taken as priority, there are grave consequences for those nations that seek to play a meaningful role in the forever changing socio- economic and political dictates of the global village.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring helps a lot for those who are in positions of leading others, or perhaps those who are aspiring to make a contribution in these positions. Personally i believe that this disciplines is essential for those who seek to live their lives in the center of their life's calling - their purpose.

The COSTA Coaching Model, developed on the GROW and subsequent models like OSCAR - seeks to help aspiring and/or practicing leaders who find themselves in leading positions, while giving those leaders an opportunity to help others and themselves at the same time.

The power of its effectiveness as a tool lies in its construct of a step-by-step outline - enabling participating individuals to implement in their daily lives with ease - while focusing on results attainment.

DISCOVERING EXCELLENCE is the programme philosophy!

I hereby invite you my friends to evaluate the Model and give me your feedback. See the model on this link:


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