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    I’m looking for experienced and qualified trainers/facilitators and assessors in the Pretoria area for the following modules:

    • Governance
    • Reporting
    • Executive coaching
    • Management Development
    • Executive Development
    • Finance for non-financial people management (what the heck does this mean?)
    • Two other modules (trainers already identified)

    There needs to be a strong focus on Service Delivery.

    This is for a tender for Management and Leadership Development (NQF Level 7) training and will involve 150 participants over a 24 month period (24 month period includes needs analysis and programme development).

    I envisage groups of 30 people in 5 groups and some sessions will have to take place in the evenings. Each module will be between 12 and 15 hours delivered in sessions of 3 hours each. Therefore each group will take 2-3 months to complete the course.

    If you have training material (at NQF Level 7) in any of the above areas, that will be a huge advantage.

    Please mail me if you’re interested. Obviously, as this is a tender – no guarantees!

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    Hi Tim,

    It would be an honor to be involved once and kindly drop me an email on prof.mphande@gmail.com for details.

    Good luck

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One thought on “Leadership and Management Facilitators and Assessors

  • Bernadette perumal


    Finally someone , has the guts to stand up. Truth be told, comrade Blade does not have a clue as to what skills development is and what community development is all  about. He needs to take a walk and see who the real service delivery foot soldiers are. Dr.  Ivor is definitely the man to watch. He is definitely  not a monkey see, monkey do pleasing person. Well done SSeta. This is democracy in its true form. Not communistic pardon my pun. Its not about I , me and myself. Its about education and development. Well done, Dr. Blumenthal/ We the committed education and development practitioners salute you. As our president said. We must stand up for what we believe in. You have the support from SADEPA AND ITS 8645 MEMBERS

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