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    Nigel Shipston

    Pennywise the clown has returned!

    Not in Derry, Maine, USA, but right here in SA, this time not targeting children but rather hard-working people in the training sector whose efforts are being rewarded with horrifying disrespect and ancient evil of incomprehensible unfeeling.

    If you are involved in training, there is a great possibility that you will soon be, or are staring into the deadlights. What are deadlights? Pennywise uses its Deadlights to break a person’s mind because one look at the Deadlights will make a person go insane due to it not being able to be comprehended by a human mind.

    How else can one compare the sheer sadism of supporting and encouraging an assessor or moderator career over 18 years, only to gleefully rip the fabric of their world to shreds with a derisive, unfathomable and illogical decision?

    Pennywise has dictated that in order for assessors and/or moderators to be re-registered, irrespective of having previously been awarded registration and scope, irrespective of the knowledge and experience they have, irrespective of how many assessments or moderations they have carried out under their previous scope (and in many cases subsequently endorsed by External Moderation/Verification), they must now prove “technical expertise” (no definition of this term produced and no description of methods/guidelines to be used in determining this expertise) and/or SoR’s for the scope they require.

    Pennywise failed to notify all these unfortunate practitioners beforehand.
    Pennywise simply said, put it in place.
    Pennywise doesn’t care that the SETA never issued SoR’s until recently.
    Pennywise felt that survival under shattered COVID conditions is not a factor to be considered.
    Pennywise is out there.
    And Pennywise is giggling deliriously in it’s subterranean cavern, just waiting for more practitioners to stare into it’s deadlights.

    Just who is Pennywise? Can anyone identify Pennywise in this situation? Pennywise appears anonymous at present, but I do not suffer from Coulrophobia.

    Step forward Pennywise and take responsibility for this outrageous situation if you dare.

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