Is This Valid?

By billnash, 13 October, 2009

Edward E. Lawler III made the following comment in his chapter : "From HR Management to Effectiveness" printed in the book: The Future of Human Resource Management (Losey, Meisinger, Ulrich)2005.

"The problem is that HR does not seem to be able to position itself as a business partner. Even the most recent studies of its position in major corporations suggest that it is struggling to be more than an administrative function that is viewed as a cost centre rather than as a value-added, strategic function. This view is in contrast to some of the other staff functions of large corporations, most notably finance and marketing, which play key strategic roles".
"A useful way to analyse the problem HR has in transitioning to a new role, is to think of it as a business".

Are his comments valid? Do we struggle to be seen as more than a cost centre and if so, why is this the case? Is it something lacking in HR or are we being unjustly judged by the organisation?

I would love to hear your comments,




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