Is there a need to change our approach to recruiting and selection?

By dessquire, 25 March, 2015

Recent changes to the EE Act seem to indicate a need to change the basis on which we recruit and select candidates for positions. Is it sufficient to base our requirements on education alone or must we now also consider the competencies, abilities and previous experience (RPL) of candidates? How do we ensure fairness in terms of our recruiting and selection activities? 

In today’s competitive job market, companies are spending a great deal of time, resources and money in order to ensure the screening, interviewing and selection effort delivers high-quality candidates who are capable of producing the desired results.

Research has shown that job performance, job satisfaction and retention increase significantly if an organisation hires the “right person for the position” and the “right fit for the company”.

Competency based recruiting and selection is a behavioural-based interviewing process designed to provide employers with specific data that allows them to predict future job related behaviour. 

Employers need to collect information based on knowledge, motivation and behaviour of employees that enable them to perform a job successfully. At the same time recruiters need to determine if the applicant is the “right fit” for the company or division based on previous experiences. 

In other words, what an applicant has done in the past, is a predictor of what he or she will do in the future and how he or she can be expected to perform in a work situation.

To this end behavioural-type questions are used in the interview process.  These questions evolve around personal experiences of the applicant. In addition practical work related questions are used related to specific and pre-determined competencies to assist in establishing the existence of these essential competencies.  

It will be necessary for the interviewing manager in conjunction with senior management to decide on the relevant competencies required so appropriate dimensions can be incorporated into the selection process. In other words it will be necessary to identify, critical job competencies for specific positions.

Without identifying required competencies the selection process will be a waste of time and will bear no fruit. To be successful in the process of recruiting and selection it is essential all positions have a selected set of competencies allocated. This will apply to interviewing and selecting new employees and can be applied equally to promotions within your company.  


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