Is there a need for an employment Equity Strategy?

By dessquire, 20 November, 2013

The employment equity act outlines the responsibilities of employers as follows

  • Employers must prepare and implement an employment equity plan setting out the affirmative action measures they intend taking to achieve employment equity goals
  • Employers must analyse all employment policies, practices and procedures, and prepare a profile of their workforce in order to identify any problems relating to employment equity
  • Employers must consult with unions and employees to make sure the plan is accepted by everybody
  • Employers must report to the Director General of Labour on Demographics, Affirmative action targets and implementation of their plan
  • Assign a responsible manager to drive the exercise
  • Employers must display a summary of the provisions of the EE Information in the workplace

In order to comply companies must outline in the EE Report how they intend complying with these requirements.

When I consider all of the requirements it makes me wonder how many companies, apart from the EE plan have in fact developed a detailed Employment Equity Strategy to ensure the plan actually materialises and that they do not just play lip service to what is contained in the plan.

Having said this I ask

Is there a nee to have a firm strategy in place?

What would the essential components of a Employment Equity strategy be?

What have you included in your company strategy document?     


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