By sylviahammond, 7 August, 2018

This week the WomEng organisation for women in engineering posted a critical comment on the Facebook UCTEBE page. They were objecting to a published article by the CEO of SAICE - the South African Institute of Civil Engineers. I have attached a copy of the article - Out of a Rib, which expresses an opinion that it is a waste of time and money to encourage women into engineering.

UCT EBE (engineering and built environment) faculty has been running a promotion encouraging women into STEM (science technology engineering and maths) and the engineering profession. Today the Dean of the UCT EBE faculty distributed an article disagreeing with the sentiments of the SAICE CEO article. Also attached.

As training providers, what is your opinion and experience? Are women still being discriminated against and discouraged when they want to study towards what are traditionally male careers?


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