Is DHET compliant with PAJA on proposed skills development changes?

By sylviahammond, 8 January, 2018

All skills universe members are affected by changes in the Skills Development landscape and the National Skills Development Strategy. Therefore everyone appreciates the chance of making comment on any changes proposed by DHET.

Everyone also has a Constitutional right to fair administrative action, which is given effect by the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA). That provides a legal obligation on State departments to seek that comment.

Why then would DHET publish a government gazette on the 15th December, which is traditionally the last day of work for many to start their annual holiday on the Public Holiday of the 16th December?

Does that constitute fair administrative action? To publish a document for comment, when most of the time available is over the holidays?

At a minimum, to constitute fair administrative action, the comment time period should be extended to the end of February 2018.

To make comment easier, Skills-universe has uploaded and saved the two key documents in the Downloads section - as they are very large documents and too large to attach to Discussion Group discussions (See the right-hand side of the Home page for Downloads links).

Lynel, who administers the Concerned Providers Interest Group has also requested comments for integration into their document they are preparing. Please take this chance to exercise your Constitutional right of comment on changes, which will inevitably affect your working life.

The discussiion is available on the following link:

Link to Concerned Providers Interest Group discussion


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