Invite Inaugural Seminar UJ SARCHI Chair Teaching & Learning Series

By sylviahammond, 11 June, 2021

Please see the attached for further details of this incredibly interesting invitation by Prof. Shireen Motala, SARCHI CHAIR Teaching and Learning, University of Johannesburg (UJ).

Stories from the margins: working-class graduates’ narrative accounts of completion in South African higher education.

PRESENTER Dr Mukohve Masutha, PDRF SARChI Chair T&L, UJ
Dr Otilia Chiramba, PDRF SARChI Chair T&L, UJ
CHAIRPERSON Prof Shireen Motala

DATE Tuesday, 15th June 2021 | TIME 2 -4 pm

Part of the intro:
"Post-apartheid South Africa entrusted the country’s higher education sector (HE) with the task of breaking the cycle of poverty, and redress the socio-economic legacy of colonialism and apartheid that has polarized South Africa into one of the most unequal nations in the world.

In response, the democratic government established the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), a national loan and grant scheme aimed at providing undergraduate students from poor and working-class households with increased access to HE. The rise in access has occurred alongside high dropout rates and low completion rates amongst NSFAS funded working-class students, with many NSFAS funded students leaving without a qualification.

Working-class students have been theorized through a reproductive and deficit lens, with insufficient attention to the voice from the working-class margins. This study shines the research spotlight on key dimensions of black working-class graduates’ higher education experiences and outcomes at three different South African universities."

See attached for more ... truly looking forward to attending this seminar :)


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