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    Charles Cotter, PhD

    Dear L&D Professional

    I would like to invite you to participate in my Ph.D research survey, which attempts to measure the strategic impact and value of Learning and Development (L&D) practices globally. The research objectives include:

    • To determine the level of strategic maturity of current L&D practices;
    • To determine the L&D capability gap index (i.e. differential between the status quo and perceived importance);
    • To develop and conceptualize a strategic L&D scorecard/model and
    • To recommend strategies to transform current L&D practices into a strategic learning partner.

    By participating in this research survey, you will make a valuable contribution to the current level of understanding and insight regarding the strategic contribution of L&D practices, thereby expanding the body of knowledge in this field.

    Thank you for taking out your valuable time to complete this questionnaire. The questionnaire comprises of a total of 175 items and it should not take longer than 25 minutes to complete. As a respondent, you can be assured of the strictest confidentiality of the information that you provide. In order to gain maximum benefit from this survey, it is important that you respond in an honest and truthful manner. Also please ensure that you answer all 175 questionnaire items.

    I’ve made use of Survey Monkey as the on-line, data collection platform. Please refer to the survey link below:

    I would respectfully request that you complete the questionnaire within one (1) week.

    As a valued respondent, I am willing to share the findings/outcome of this research with you. Please e-mail the researcher in this regard.

    Again, thank you for your willingness to participate in this research survey. Your time and contribution to the professional development of L&D, is much appreciated.

    Best wishes and regards.

    Charles Cotter (Ph.D researcher)
    +27 84 562 9446

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    Charles Cotter, PhD

    Thanks to those who have completed the Strategic L&D survey. Just a courteous, final reminder of my invitation to participate in this survey. To ensure scientific, statistical and academic credibility, I need to pursue a minimum of 420 completed questionnaires. I would like to close the survey on Monday, 22 May 2017. I would value and appreciate your input as a respondent and/or referral to your business network.

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    Charles Cotter, PhD

    FINAL REMINDER: I need another 50 respondents. Please participate and/or share to assist me to achieve the targeted number before Monday, 29 May 2017.

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