Invitation to contribute to SMME WBL research

By sylviahammond, 14 May, 2021

Please don't contact me directly - please click on the link in the discussion

I have received this invitation from Kate Mlauzi, at the Centre for Researching Education and Labour, at Wits University.
Do you have SME clients who would be prepared to contribute? All that is required is to participate in an online Zoom type focus group.

"Are you interested in implementing Work-Based Learning Programmes and improving the access and incentives available?

I am extending an invitation to you to participate in a research study on behalf of WITS Centre for Researching Education & Labour who with the DHET and the World Bank are jointly conducting a study on strengthening the involvement of SMME’s in Work-Based Learning Programmes (WBL) in South Africa.

The study will focus on the current participation of SMME’s in WBL, the barriers to participation, and what policy reforms and incentives could be introduced to make the participation of SMME’s more attractive and feasible.

The WITS team would greatly appreciate the participation from Employers and Training Providers, to discuss your experiences with WBL and to obtain views on this topic. The focus group will ask questions about skills needs, the importance of apprenticeships, learnerships and other workplace-based learning schemes in addressing those needs, barriers and challenges of employing learners, enterprises’ previous experience with WBL schemes, and to discuss any suggestions and recommendations they may have.

Ideally, participants would represent SMME’s of different sizes, employing less than 250 employees, that have experiences with WBL or relevant opinions to share; they may have already employed apprentices or learners on learnerships or considering doing so; they may have tried to register learners and failed; or they may have any issue to report or viewpoint that would be instrumental in better understanding the challenges around WBL for SMMEs.

If you would like to register to join the focus groups, please follow the Google forms link to submit your information:

WITS researchers will be planning virtual zoom meetings between the 20th May to 4th June and they will reach out to organisations who register to be contacted via the above link.

Your experiences will help contribute a lot to a better understanding of the barriers and opportunities of WBL and help the policy makers formulate relevant and feasible policy recommendations."

This is the opportunity to contribute - instead of just complaining about SETAs - please contact SMEs and share the word.


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