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    Good day everybody,

    We are busy finalizing an entrepreneurship starter pack for wanna-be or new entrepreneurs and need your assistance.

    What we’ve realized is that the majority of business incubators are focused on existing small business and entrepreneurs with viable products / services that shows potential, but that the entrepreneur in the making gets very little assistance from professionals or people in the know.  We want to change that.

    The package we are preparing consists of the following:

    1. A copy of “Business Basics” by Donald Mitchell.
    2. A free 086 telephone number (not a fax-2-email, but a real telephone number)
    3. Free access to various courses and software.
    4. 30 minutes free telephonic advice from various consultants on business and entrepreneurial topics (And it’s here that we would need your assistance).

    Here’s what we have in mind:

    • If you are interested in getting involved, your contact details, location and areas of expertise will be included in the pack send to the entrepreneurs.
    • When the entrepreneur needs advise, you are called and consult the client for free for the 1st 30 – 45 minutes.
    • If more time is needed, you discuss and agree on a rate directly with the client and take it from there.
    • We are not involved in any discussions and don’t share in any fees or rebates at all.  Any future business is strictly between you and the client.  The only commitment we want is that you will honour the first 30 – 45 minutes as a free telephonic consultation.

    Well that’s about it.

    If you are interested or think we should consider adding any more free “stuff”, please let me know at


    Velden Meyer

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    Arnold Muscat

    Hi Velden

    Contact me Arnold at


    Hi Velden

    The e-mail you given is sending the below response:


    “The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:


          ‘’ on 2014-02-24 06:17 PM

                Server error: ‘Invalid recipient’ “


    Jared Shippel

    Hi Velden, this is a great initiative. I have put together a toolkit for new small businesses and provide consulting services in addition to training and project management of learning interventions.

    I would be happy to get involved as long as I know that I can do the service justice.
    I assist SMEs across all areas but my core areas of speciality are strategy, operations, innovation and customer service/relationship management.

    Best Regards



    Hi Velden,

    I mentor a number of would-be entrepreneurs as well as providing training in innovation and communication (Both written and Oral). My “Innovation for Entrepreneurs” programme is currently being considered for use at a leading business school for the MBA (Entrepreneurship) Programme.

    I would be very happy to provide assistance on the basis you outlines.

    You can contact me directly on 082 553 4478 or

    All the best,


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