By celestemaximelackay, 4 August, 2015

Good morning All

In my extensive experience as facilitator, assessor, moderator, programme manager and quality assurance manager - and the nasty experiences many of us have been subjected to at the hands of some unscrupulous material designers and assessment developers - I know that your administrators and HR Coordinators are expected to fulfill certain duties that they are not necessarily trained for, or have developed a skill set that they may not be recognised for.

I have materials available for sale for the RPL assessment and certification of personnel who support adult learners wherever skills development takes place. The targeted learner is not necessarily an assessor, but is responsible for the marketing and coordination of learning interventions, assessment & moderation control, and are required to assist learners in the collection and presentation of evidence for assessment.

The package consists of the following:-

  1. Learner Guide with detailed section outcomes and relevant content sourced from credible and clearly referenced sources.
  2. Learner Portfolio of Evidence tool which includes all the standard pre-assessment documentation, formative and summative assessment, workplace observation checklists, assessor and moderator feedback documents)
  3. Combined Assessment & Moderator Guide (including a detailed assessment matrix and model answers)

The material is accreditation-ready and fully customisable to suit your individual needs.

As a prospective client, I will effect any reasonable requests for editing/correction/formatting within the first 3 months of you taking delivery and assist in you in the accreditation process if required (at a nominal once-off fee).

Please email me on [email protected] for a sample of the material and a quotation request at your convenience.

Celeste Lackay

074 684 1899 | 043 736 1141


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