Impossible to get through to ETDP SETA

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    Jonathon Wigley

    I have been trying to get hold of ETDP SETA for about 2 months now. Their phone lines are not working and no-one replies to emails. I have sent many emails to the staff concerned and they do not bother to reply. 

    Does anyone know how to get hold of them or would I have to physically go to their offices – this is not possible as I live in KZN.

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    Hi Jonathan, recently I’ve logged on ETDP seta website and I have seen something like they have moved to temporary offices around Bedfordview and there is a certain number they have put there. Please kindly log on there and see if you can find it. I will check also from my side to assist with their details.

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    Tom Ventouris

    They moved during the holidays. Look on their website for new contacts.

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    Renee’ McGibbon

    Hi Jonathon,

    I would also advise you to e-mail them under normal circumstances but they don’t respond to e-mails either. I have also been trying to get a response on an accreditation application submitted in March 2016 to no avail.

    Even a stakeholders meeting held at their offices during the course of last year left us with empty promises and no action.

    To say that their service is putrid is an understatement!


    I need to go in to their offices next week to try to resolve my issues with them. Is there anything that I can assist you with?

    Kindly e-mail me on, and I will see what I can do.

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    Alfred Hlaka

    Hi Jonathan. ETDP SETA HEAD OFFICE TEMPORARY NUMBER :+27110287250. Good luck.

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    sylvia hammond

    A few comments and questions here:
    I had a problem getting through to Foodbev Seta this week, and eventually got hold of someone by phoning every extension number I had in my phone as the switchboard was unavailable. (Most of the extensions gave the response that the number doesn’t exist, which is a long-standing problem. In addition, apparently there was a problem since last week. But eventually I got hold of someone who assisted me very well.

    Now the questions:
    Surely if a SETA has a switchboard problem, that is a priority to be resolved by Telkom/whoever? Why does this not happen? Is it that the SETA staff do not report it? Surely customer service should be their priority?

    If the SETA moves offices, which a number have done recently to my knowledge, surely there is a database that should be notified of the changed number? Might I add, a call to the Portal Publishing offices would get an entirely free distribution of the information. Or posted here on skills-universe? Why do the SETAs not make use of services that do not require use of taxpayers money? Surely paying for something that is freely available is fruitless and wasteful expenditure?

    Then the SETAs report to the DHET, so if one cannot get a response from a SETA, then we should contact the DHET and ask for the department/person in charge of the SETAs. A few calls like that I suggest will soon get some action.

    However, if it is an accreditation or related quality management issue, then that call should be made to the QCTO, who are legally responsible for the QAPs and AQPs. Ditto, the QCTO should be made aware of the problems with the SETA QAPs so that they are able to take corrective action. If noone complains, then there will be no change in service.

    Thank you Phikolomzi – that is very useful information.
    I would be very interested to know – if skills-universe members try a few different avenues to get results – please keep us updated.

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    Des Squire

    Their new address is

    41 wordworth street




    Telephone numbers appear to be the same. They just don’t care anymore. ETDP Seta have gone from bad to worse and no one seems to be worried. I had a response today to an E-mail sent on the 16th of November. What more can I say.

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    Kate Sani

    Unfortunately these SETA’s are grossly under-staffed, in particular the QAP/ETQA unit. The workload increases yearly, but staff compliment remains the same.

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    Kerrin Badham

    Very helpful.

    Thanks for Posting Alfred Hlaka.

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    Jonathon Wigley

    Thanks Alfred but this number is also not working…

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    Janelle Gravett


    I had an accreditation issue and was given the following email address –  The lady was very helpful and responded with one day!!!

    If its any help try contacting Khaya!

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