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    Good day

    Importance of Employee Training
    If you were given the choice between two different pilots; one trained and the other not, which one would you choose? But what there was no “upfront cost” for the untrained pilot. You still wouldn’t do it or risk your life to book his her flight. Yet many business owners do not recognize the importance of employee training.
    Most business managers wouldn’t hire unqualified employees. But so many of them do employ under-qualified workers. Sometimes employees become under-qualified due to changing technology or the development of new methods. Training does come at a cost, don’t get me wrong. The biggest resources used for job training is time and money. Companies put themselves at risk at some point, not considering the consequences of resisting training. You will get excuses such as “we are too busy right now” or “we just don’t have the money to pay for training”.
    Some of the benefits of training include
    1. Increased staff morale which leads to motivated employees.
    2. New skills will be learnt and easily implemented
    3. Improves creativity
    4. More production
    5. Minimal supervision of employees. A trained person becomes more confident confidence.
    6. Trained personnel will be able to make better and economical use of materials and equipment’s. Wastage will be low.
    Indicators that an employee is not equipped with the right knowledge
    1. The quality of their wok is very low.
    2. Poor performance
    3. poor customer care
    4. boredom
    5. too much mistakes which could be easily avoidable
    6. resistant to change
    7. Low production due to defects and mistakes which add to more expenses.
    8. Susceptible to workplace injuries due to unsafe working habits.
    9. It takes them longer to complete a simple task or do their job.
    Have you discovered the importance of employee training? It may help you to add value to your business and link your business objectives. Today’s achievements cannot guarantee you a successful tomorrow. Product life cycle is becoming shorter and shorter, due to rapid technology. Without enough information for your business you can face closure.
    People are getting connected so faster and have more information to choose right products or services anywhere. They know where to get high quality efficiency and convenience products. With training you are assured to differentiate yourself from.


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    Jeanette Stewart

    Well said, Booker. I couldn’t agree with you more. 

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    Wow, Booker, thanks for this. Very much on the buttton!

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    Saajida Morris

    Agree with you totally..ges its up to us as training ambassadors to implement these important factors in the environment that we’re in.

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