IFC Free Webinar: Engaging Employers in Employability for Higher Education

By marliespencer, 15 February, 2022

Educating for Employment in South Africa:

Developing the Foundations for Employability

Graduates know that simply getting a qualification doesn't provide sufficient access to the world of work. In an increasingly borderless world, post-school education and training institutions need to respond by developing strong employability frameworks to support students and graduates. By unlocking the potential for employability, these institutions can remain relevant and compete on a global stage.

How can curricula and content be aligned with skills that are in demand in the labour market? How can academic programs be designed in collaboration with employers? And how can students be better prepared to find or create jobs? This webinar will share insights from a panel of global and local experts on how institutions can prioritize employability.

Thursday, February 24, 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (SAST)

Register here:


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