If Quality Assurance and Evaluation is so important, why are we ignoring it?

Front Page Looking For… Verifiers / Evaluators of ETD Providers If Quality Assurance and Evaluation is so important, why are we ignoring it?

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    Lynel Farrell

    Maybe this is my view or not, maybe I am writing exactly what you are thinking.  Someone I respect dearly told me a while ago that I must remember that I can’t facilitate or develop motivation, commitment or engagement BUT I can make a difference and influence it.


    You might think that I am wasting my time, but (not to be rude) unlike many individuals that has given up, I have decided not to do the same.  I want to make a difference, and I want to make it count.  So hear goes ……..


    One of the major issues with identifying consequences of evaluations today is the inconsistency in evaluation and verification processes not to mention the documentation on various evaluation and/or verifications in South Africa.  This could be such a big topic, as each and every SETA in South Africa make use of their own designed templates/documents.  Are these documents user friendly and updated (improved) on an annual basis?  I doubt it (but you are more than welcome to prove me wrong.  Unfortunately – what is important to one SETA is not necessarily important for another SETA.  With that said,  the variations of evaluations / verifications are leading to confusion and frustration amongst Providers let alone between Evaluators / Verifiers as there are no set standard that regulate this function therefore there is a negative effect on the quality and viability of provision.

    The services of Verifiers/Evaluators in the ETD environment are very limited, not just limited but the infrequent contact with these individuals does not permit the Providers to receive developmental support.  The lack of nationwide access to the essential evaluation and verification services have a negative effect on the quality assurance of the system as a whole, particularly as Providers lose the momentum and motivation to develop and implement quality systems due to restricted guidance and support. 


    Quality Assurance is a big word for some, painfull for others and a frustration for most?  If all the Setas adhered to the policies and procedures (not to mention the guidelines) from SAQA, and of course have the correct individuals with the correct qualifications and expertise to assist and guide providers and industry – less frustration and lack of interest in education would be seen, heard of and read about.  If we had to assess the effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation, we will see that gaps exist, we know this. 


    May I ask you to please inbox me of your difficulties, frustrations and experience of quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation and accreditation that could assist me to take this forward. 


    I won’t give up, and you shouldn’t either.


    Thank you



    In my opinion the following words spoken is clearly the truth. “If we assess the effectiveness of learning and development in terms of growth in the economy, productivity and survival of Companies, it does not look as if current learning and development practices have a good track record at all”. 



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    Lynel Farrell

    I am looking for previously completed verification reports (whether it was on accreditation, learnerships, qualifications, etc) external moderation reports, monitor and evaluation reports.  A combination would be great. 

    Bernard Botha


    Bernard Botha.  I am an evaluator for Umalusi performing site vists to private FET colleges.  They have a set form that the evaluator must use when performing the evaluation – which is fine as we are singing to the same note; however the form is totally inappropriate and does not cover the essential points.  I have sent them a proposal as to how the form could be altered to make it more user friendly and also address those issues that should be addressed.


    To their credit I must say that they have inrtroduced at least one the proposed changes – in the table the text was very light in colour and if you checked a box the check was not clear.  They have now amended the form to make the text clear and ask the evaluator to BOLD the selection.

    All the other concerns are still exactly as they were.

    I can email you the document as I am not sure how to attach it to the reply.


    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Bernard,

    I have sent you an email, thank you so much for your assistance.  Much Appreciated.  I hope that I will get more experts as yourself that will assist.  Thank you!

    Lynel Farrell

    Anybody out there that has blank evaluation/verification/external moderation templates either designed by yourself or given that you can share with me?

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