I have a opportunity but feel like a dog who just caught the hubcap of the car been chasing for years

By gavintonks, 16 May, 2012

My client has a fet college who has commissioned me to update his records and get everything in order.

1 - Part of the brief is to find moderators and assessors as they trained estate agents, so please send me your details for this. The training center is in Randpark Ridge, and can take 35 learners at a time.

2 - This was started by a partner who subsequently left but they did train 2500 estate agents

However going forward and knowing how difficult and costly it is to set up and be accredited today, even the securities, this is a valuable resource.

As in any business this is an investment and the client requires a return on that investment, any ideas from the floor or proposals, I am willing to pitch to the client.

This is an opportunity I believe as another client of mine has eventually given up, she just could not get registration so has closed down her 12 year old gap training college.

Any ideas welcome


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