How to use the new skills-universe site

By sylviahammond, 22 January, 2018

Welcome to all the new members, and all the "old" users who have found their way through the new password system. Now the question is how to use the new site.

There is a Reading Room area,for you to post articles for reading, or announcements. Do you have a review of a book you read, information on a book or article that you have had published? Articles relevant to skills development, learning, WIL, occupational qualifications, and quality assurance - as well as other workplace-related areas - are all relevant.

Are you "looking for" someone or something, such as training material, or looking for facilitation openings - then you use the Quick Links. Remember to Subscribe to the headings allowing you to read or view those postings. Then you will receive updates on all postings.

Discussion Groups - are for just that discussions - want to start a discussion, or obtain input - click on the group, (use the search box) click to join the group. You will find a Home & Forum page, click forum & click subscribe to receive updates. To post a discussion scroll to the bottom of the forum page & at the end of discussions you will find the boxes to post a new discussion.

If you are looking for a document - then try the Downloads section.


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