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      sylvia hammond

      Good morning to skills-universe members,
      One of the downsides of our community site growing is that it becomes more visible to people who don’t have skills development in mind. We have had a plague of applications from spam type applications, and our technical expert has been hard at work excluding them.

      If we have missed anyone and you are approached please let me know immediately so that we can delete them.

      To protect yourself from people who just want to “mine” your email address, click on your name and photo on the right – to open your profile. Look for Profile Edit. When you click there it opens all of your details. Scroll down to your email address (you must have an entry there) but if you click on Change, then it will give you 4 options – everyone, only me, your friends, all members. To be safe click on “only me”. If you have invited and accepted friends and you are confident in them, then you can click on “My friends”.

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