By sylviahammond, 30 May, 2019

Training material is an expensive commodity, which also involves intellectual property rights.

So members have reported problems to us - of quality of material and of non-payment for materials. In response, we have done - and continue to - delete and block members, who do not have ethical business practices.

It is important to know that the QCTO does not accredit training material, so if someone tells you that - be suspicious.

Although we try to protect members by asking for personal details and a personal photo - and do often check the details against other social media, clearly it is not possible for us to do full background checks.

So when purchasing material, or offering material for sale - protect yourself as much as you can. If it involves non-payment, and all else fails, approach your local Small Claims Court to recover payment.

If you are selling or purchasing training material join the Discussion Group - Learning Material Development, and look for the little word Subscribe - click that to Subscribe to the group and receive updates on postings to that group.

Then use the Discussion Group Learning Material Development to check the details of the person or company - that is not the link for "seeking" material. It is a separate Discussion Group.

Click on Discussion Groups, in the search box enter the word material and from the groups that come up, choose Learning Material Development. In that group, scroll down to the bottom of the discussions to post a discussion. Ask members of the group if they can verify the purchaser or provider. Have they had dealings with the person? Were they satisfied with the service? Were they satisfied with the quality of the material?

Then also check the details that you are given. A cell phone with only the number and a name are not sufficient to verify the person's credentials - although you can pick up an IP address. Gather as much information as you can before engaging in a business deal.

If you uncover that someone is not trading ethically, then please immediately alert me. If you are able to give me the IP address from their phone or computer, then in addition to deleting the person as a member, we can block the IP address.

Take care.

If only we could employ the brains that go into scams, to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, poor education, housing, and unemployment.


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