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      sylvia hammond

      Two incidents in the last week have shown me that skills-universe members are not clear on how to protect their personal information online.

      Please log in to skills-universe today, and open your Profile. Click on/mouse over your name on the right hand side.

      Click to Edit Your Profile. Your core details will come up.
      That includes your personal information.

      You probably don’t want people to access your birth date and your email address.
      Next to each box is a little box “Change”.
      Click there and you will have the choice:
      Only me,
      All members,
      My friends.
      Click on the button Only me to protect your birth date and your email address.

      But you may be looking for contracts or employment, so might want to click Everyone, to allow people searching to find you.
      (For example you are an Assessor – they search members for Assessors and you will come up.)

      Location – you might want some Members to know that – or just the friends you have requested or accepted on skills-universe. Click All members, or My friends.

      Make sure that you Scroll down to save changes.

      Please log in, check your profile details, and protect the security of your personal information.

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