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    sylvia hammond

    We have made a change to the Discussion Groups.
    Click upon Discussion Groups.
    There are a number of ways to find a group suitable to what you need.

    There is a box that allows you to change how the groups are sorted:
    Alphabetically, the most members, the last created, or the last used.
    You can scroll down to find a group
    type a key word into the Search box.
    For example, if you type Assessment – the Assessment and Moderation group will come up.

    The group will automatically open to the Forum, where you can read previous discussions, and post your own discussion or question.
    (There is also an Activity page, which is a summary of everything that has happened in the group, so you can use it to see what has happened in the group.)

    To add you question or discussion, scroll down to the bottom of the discussions, add your title, and your discussion, put some key words in the Topic Tags, ignore the next few boxes, and click on the box to received an email when anyone responds to your discussion.
    You can add one or more attachments – but not more than 5mg.
    Click to submit.

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    Raymond Nel

    Dear Colleagues
    Joash Training Solutions(Pty) Ltd based in Edenburg in the poorest side of the Free State is in the process of applying for accreditation with the ETD SETA, and are in need of assurance.

    Rigorous attention has been applied in developing QMS that is transparent and sustainable for the daily operations of the Training Centre.

    I have a zero budget and ask if there are someone with guiding principles on how to go about it. I’ve also develop Service Level Agreements to start with , and in the process of finalizing it with relevant ETD Practitioners(Facilitators,Assessors and Moderators).

    Can someone kindly assist me with Training Material or negotiate prices regarding that.I am a qualified OD-ETD Practioner in 50334 witch a stipulate in my C.V , if requested.

    Thank You

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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Raymond,
      Please try to post your question in the group called Training Service Providers.
      My post gives you the instructions to follow.

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    I have signed 5 SLA with different companies in 2018, I haven’t heard anything from them till today. I wonder if my signatures are not forged up there. Has anyone having same problem as mine, how do you deal with it?

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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Zukiswa,
      I would suggest that you post this question in the discussion group – Training Service Providers – follow the instructions to post in a discussion group.

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