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    Discussion groups are very useful to make contact with others in your field.
    First click on Discussion Groups.
    Then you can use the Search box to find a group you may be interested in. For example just type in “SDF” or type in “Assessor” in the search box and a few relevant groups come up.
    If you see a little box with Join Group then click there to join. (Not all groups have that box.)
    You will find a Home page and a Forum page.
    The Home page just gives you a summary of what has been posted to the group.
    Click on Forum, and just under the heading also click on Subscribe – to make sure that you will receive updates.
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the discussions, then you can add your own question or discussion.
    You can also add small files – less than 5mg.
    Click the little box to receive email updates, and then click Submit.

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