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    We all have this experience on websites – not just skills-universe. So how do you find what you are looking for?
    Two ways:
    on skills-universe you will find search boxes – the main site search box is on the left hand side. But you will also find search boxes on the various pages. So if you click on the Discussion Groups page and enter Safety in the search box, then you will find that 3 groups with Safety in the title come up.
    The second way to search is to use Google. In the search box enter the whole site address and leave one space and enter a word you remember seeing, for example you know that there was something about the National Skills Development Plan NSDP, so enter: NSDP and google will bring up a list of every time NSDP was mentioned on the site and you can click on whichever one is the one you remember.
    Of course Google works for all sites, so there might have been something on one of the other Portal Publishing sites, like: the, or, or – just add the word you are looking for.

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