How to catch up with the latest skills-universe info quickly?

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    You log in to skills-universe and you’ve had a busy day/week/month. How do you catch up with the latest info quickly?

    The new site is a bit different, but has far more facilities – we all just need to learn how to use them effectively.
    If you click Home:
    • Down the left hand side you will see Discussion Groups with various options on how to view them. If you click Active you can see all the latest content with the time since the comment was posted. If you click Alphabetical you can scroll through looking for a group. If you click Popular it will give you the groups in order of their members. (Newest isn’t of any use right now because we are not adding group – rather contemplating what to delete.)
    • Down the centre you will find the Reading Room latest content, with the date posted. That’s you reading content..
    • On the right hand side if you scroll down to below the Downloads link, you will find the Recent Topics with the time since they were posted
    • Also if you click What’s New from the top menu you will find the latest comments.
    If you want to know whether anyone has left you a message, then click on your name in the top right hand side. The drop down menu will show you the number of messages you have. More on messages next time.

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