By sylviahammond, 4 December, 2020

To all skills-universe members - and readers,

Today I was once again reminded that many people are confused about the different sites under the banner of Portal Publishing.

The company started off with
In the very early days of skills development, there weren't the range of sites, and volume of information that is now available. In fact the only way to gain information was to attend a highly-priced conference or seminar.

So the skills portal started with the intention of making information a free to access site of information on skills development.

Many readers started to ask about vacancies, & and so the jobs portal was started to meet that need.People can place their ads there, and benefit from the newsletter to the wide distribution that Portal Publishing has.

But then there were requests for information on bursaries and funding of skills development and the bursaries portal was started.It also has a regular newsletter.

Now, by far our largest group of readers are the young people, who need information on all of the above issues - skills development, education, and work, and also internships, work experience, learnerships, and apprenticeships, & NSFAS.
So there is the careers portal . It also has a regular newsletter, which now has over 200,000 email subscribers.

Note, those are all sites, and although there is the opportunity to make minimal comments, the subscribers don't actually post - as they do on skills-universe.

So, skills-universe is technically termed social media. Members can join by signing up and that allows them to contribute - post discussions, ask questions, and seek skills development people & assistance - as they need.

Distribution works differently too. There is not one single distribution newsletter. I forward topics I feel of interest - entirely my opinion.

In each Discussion Group there is the opportunity to subscribe to that group.

In the Quick Links sections you can also click on the section to read what is posted - to keep up with what people are looking for.

So, you can unsubscribe to each Discussion Group - & the Quicks Links section.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to work out how to unsubscribe members to the discussions I choose to forward. So if you don't want to hear anything at all from skills-universe, I can delete your membership. Then you can read but not post.

Finally, if you change your email address & want to keep receiving the posts, then click on your name on the right hand side & follow the steps to change your email address - & any other details that may need updating.

So - long story short - each site & social media site - is entirely independent, & on skills-universe, each discussion group & quick links subscription is entirely independent of each other. Subscribing to, unsubscribing, changing your email address details - all sites are separate, and need to be changed independently.


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