By dessquire, 10 April, 2015

The need for integration when conducting a full qualification is covered in the registered qualification outline and is a requirement by SAQA. (Note I am only referring to the need for integration in relation to FULL QUALIFICATIONS and not skills programmes) 

Some learners who complete all the required unit standards feel they should then be awarded the full qualification. However there is a need for integration (or a bringing together) of all the unit standards or blocks of unit standards (clusters) based on the various exit level outcomes.

How is this be dealt with

  1. By providers who offer full qualifications
  2. By providers offering the qualification by RPL

I quote from one qualification by means of example

" Evidence of integration will be gained by designing and conducting assessments that ensure the unit standards are assessed in clusters linked to each exit level outcome as identified" (in the outline given)

"Evidence of integration may be presented by learners when being assessed against the unit standards, thus there should not necessarily be separate assessments for each unit standard and then further assessment for integration at exit level outcome level" 

Anyone care to comment on how you approach this requirement???     


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