How do SETAs shift responsibility for administrative incompetence?

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    sylvia hammond

    I don’t say anything I don’t mean. As indicated I have approached the Association for Skills Development South Africa (ASDSA).

    Please see my copy & paste from the ASDSA Whatsapp group. The bottom of the post has a link to this discussion – I have obviously left that off.

    “Hi just to change the pace from the budget. I would like to approach the Board formally now – to lobby/do whatever is necessary to get an Ombudsperson to handle skills development issues. Secondly, I would request that the Board organises training (whatever is necessary, approach NSA/whatever) so that practitioners within skills development know what our Constitutional right is to fair administrative action, and how to enforce our rights under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA). I believe that this has been neglected for far too long. There are many examples, I have no doubt every member here could quote at least one. Please see the discussion on skills-universe & scroll down to Geraldine’s contribution. I am speechless at the appalling way that learners were treated.”

    sylvia hammond

    Hi Geraldine – just a thought – how long ago was it?

    Colette Tennison

    Add to that the scenario where everything is completed by the provider but an unfixed issue in the SETA’s online system does not allow for the learners to be enrolled and submitted for exit moderation. Months of waiting for feedback from the IT assistance and the problem has not been fixed. Even a request from a SETA employee on behalf of the provider goes unanswered. You can’t win.

    sylvia hammond

    Thanks Colette, I have just been resolving a similar issue – takes hours of time and effort and communication to achieve an end result.

    We will never be the successful productive economy we aspire to, when we waste endless hours on the same thing resolving SETA inadequacy.

    See also my post just added – regarding my thoughts on penalties and interest.

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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