How do I load a Personal Profile Photo & update my Profile?

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    sylvia hammond

    Note: Some computer setups that need a single click & some need a double click to activate an instruction – these instructions use “double click” throughout but you might be able to activate with a single click.
    On the left hand side under your Personal Profile photo (the shadow shape) you will see your name, sex, province, and country.
    Directly below that information, there is “Change my Photo” double click on that.
    It will open a page called “My Settings – Profile”.
    Here you can upload a Photo and also change or add to your Profile details. You can return at any time to change the Photo or update your Profile.
    4 lines down you will see a block with the image of a camera. Double click on the camera.
    This will open a small window. Choose “upload from your computer” (make sure you have the picture you want to load saved on your computer under “My Pictures”)
    Double click on “Browse” This should automatically open the folder “My Pictures” on your computer.
    Look for the photo you are going to load & double click on that photo.
    Then double click on “Done”.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “save”. 
    As you go down the page, you will see the Profile questions you can enter or update what you have already entered.
    When you have finished entering information, ignore the “Useful addresses” section – just double click on “SAVE”. Your information will automatically be updated. If it does not show immediately, Refresh the page using the 2 little green arrows (up & down) next to the URL (web address) at the top of the page.
    If you’re not sure about how to Refresh, just go to another page & come back to yours & it will be updated. Good Luck. Please send a message to sylvia or Alan if you have any further problems.

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