By sylviahammond, 7 July, 2020

My thanks to Elias, who has helped us bring to light a further issue with spam emails.

If you have not logged in for some time, you may receive this message:

"From: Sgt Sherri Gallagher

Hello, it's my pleasure to meet you. I found your address registered at
My name is Sherri Gallagher, I'm a lady and an Army officer from united state of America, I have a serious proposal to share with you
if you could permit me. Thank you."

If the automated spam system had previously harvested your contact details, and created an automated message, that message may only be received by you when you log in. Although we have already picked it up.

We have closed down the email option in profiles, where members could choose who could see their emails so that they cannot be harvested.

Please do not respond to the alleged army officer who does not even know that it should be the "United States of America" not "united state of America", which indicates that the source probably isn't even from there.

Please take care - in addition to taking precautions against COVID-19, please do not respond to such messages, and do not open attachments if you do not know what they are, or where they are from.

Stay COVID-19 safe and IT security safe.


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