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    Colleagues, can you please assist. i am approached by a host employer who wants to partner with my company. my company is accredited and they are not but they are the ones who are to receive the contract. apparently they need to have an agreement with an accredited training does this work? in terms of work and money, who gets what percentage or how do i charge?

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    Kate Sani

    Dear Phethile,

    From your post am I correct to understand that this host employer is not necessarily the employer of the people who will be enrolled on the learning programme, but they are contracted by another Company to facilitate (ie are the”middle man”) their skills development strategy? An understanding of this relationship is important in order for me to offer advise to you. Further, are these learners being funded by a SETA or is the Employer company funding them?

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    Dear Kate

    the host employer is the one to where the leaners will be housed and the learners are funded by SETA. the leaners are not the employees of the host employer. the contract is awarded to the host employer directly, and they are now requiring an acredited training provider to facilitate training.

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