Higher Health Protocol Managing Clusters of COVID-19 Outbreak in PSET

By sylviahammond, 10 September, 2020

The Guidelines and Protocol writing committee of Higher Health Scientific Technical Task Team - under the department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) has issued a protocol document to guide Post School Education & Training (PSET) institutions in the event of cluster outbreaks of COVID-19.

Please note that it is dated 10 September 2020, and before implementation of any aspect of the protocol, institutions should always check whether there have been any updates of the protocol - on the site

Under the Disaster Management lockdown regulations Level 2, institutions are gradually returning to work - and study.

One of the key concerns - confirmed today by Dr Mkhize, is the fear of a second surge. So this protocol is essential for guiding behaviour in the event of an outbreak.

Please see the attached document from Higher Health.


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