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    Hi I need urgent assistance with registering the DoL for First Aid Training, can anyone please assist me with What I need to have in place, Who I need to contact etc. I have spent hours on the Labour website but cannot find anything,and I have to do this urgently. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly

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One thought on “Help With Department Of Labour Registration

  • Dr Jacqueline Baumgardt (Jax)

    The meeting with professional bodies was more the MInister teling us what to do as opposed to use having any real input. But at least he is making the effort I suppose. We have an excellent relationship with FASSET as our ETQA – the professional bodies accredited by FASSET become agent ETQA’s responsible for accrediting the providers that offer training for their professional qualifications – the FASSET website (learnerships section) will give you most of the information as to who these professional bodies are. None of the other SETA’s work on this model, to my knowledge. However, QCTO is leaning in this direction except that they plan to charge us for doing their work for them – that’s a whole other story. As the accreditation manager for Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa, I have the role of accrediting our providers (see for a list of these providers). We do not review their curriculum materials at all unless there is a complaint from a student in this regard.We ouselves are accredited by FASSET and we work according to the FASSET accreditation template for our providers. Details are uploaded in much the same way as learner results are uploaded. We also offer summative assessments only while the providers do the formative assessments which are only considered if there is an appeal against a summative result. Many of our students are self-study students and do not go to a provider at all. Our results are verified by the SETA annually. We are monitored annually by FASSET for qa purposes. All in all the system is very flexible while is it also rigorous.It is a system that works for us at minimal cost. All the professional bodies sit on the Quality Assurance and Learnerships Committee of FASSET (held quarterly) and a member of the Committee is elected to the main FASSET Board to take our concerns, strategies, etc. up at that level. When the QCTO started rattling its sabres, we went with a united voice to FASSET who then lodged our objections to the draft QCTO policies. So it can work. APPETD could possibly be a place to start although this is not a “government body”. Hope this helps!

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