Happy birthday uTata Nelson Mandela from skills-universe members

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    sylvia hammond

    International Nelson Mandela Day was created in recognition of the personal contribution made by Madiba.  What was his sacrifice for?  A vision of a nation where everyone is free, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and has their human rights respected. 

    Despite the history of discrimination and exclusion, when he became President his leadership promoted reconciliation and nation building. 

    How well have we as citizens responded?  Arguably, as a nation we still fall far short of the vision embodied in our South African Constitution. 

    So for Madiba’s birthday present from skills-universe members,  let’s commit to educate, train, coach, mentor, guide and share our knowledge and experience working towards a nation closer to the vision for which he sacrificed 67 years. 

    Please add your thoughts and comments, and birthday wishes.   


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One thought on “Happy birthday uTata Nelson Mandela from skills-universe members

  • Nkhensani Ndhlovu

    It’s true that the only loosers in the whole battle is the learners and the ETD Practitoners…. It is really sad. This win is just the beginning and I  just hope that polotics do not come into play, the it will be just dirty play!

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