Guideline rates to assess a learnership of 120 credits

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    Hi to all – I have been asked the following questions and haven’t a clue what the answers are.  Is anyone prepared to share guidelines?

    How much do you charge to assess a learnership with 120 credits on NQF level 2?

    Do you charge per unit standard?

    Do you have a fixed charge for the whole qualification?

    Thanks sylvia

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    This has always been difficult to quote on, but what ever one charges, they should consider the following:

    • At what point are you being involved at? Yes you should be involved from commencement but this is not always a reality.
      Has the learnership already started?
      Are you starting from the beginning and are being included in preparing the learners for assessment?
      Are you just been given a completed POE 
    • Number of learners. Charging for 10 learners will vary greatly to charging for 300 learners
    • As an assessor are you doing all assessments, or is the facilitator and/or another person being used as SMEs and completing a checklist. Yes you should be present, but this is not always the case…
    • If you are just given the POE is there an alignment matrix which is accurate? I have been given a matrix in the past stating a specific activity covers certain SO’s and AC’s but it does not.

    Pricing will also depend on experience. Greater the experience the less time it will take, but the greater the experience the more value you have.

    What ever one quotes, ensure that there is a clear scope of what needs to be provided and by who. I always insist on three things:

    1. Copy of report showing material and assessments have passed moderation
    2. POEs are given a specific structure (that way I do not spend 10hrs per POE looking for the information)
    3. Re-assessments are an additional charge (This is negotiable at times)

    i know I have not given a rand and cents answer, but I hope it will help anyway.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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