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03 March 2015

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

It has been just under two years now that Gift of the Givers took a medical and media team to Syria to assist and witness the hardship of the civilians of that war ravaged country.  Dr Ahmad Ghandour, Gift of the Givers Syria Project Manager and Head of the Gift of the Givers Al Rahmah Hospital (Mercy to All) will feature on iTV, DSTV Channel 347, at 20h30 on Health Matters tonight, 3 March 2015.

Dr Ahmad, a cardiac surgeon has been on tour in South Africa this past week.  He is an amazing human having dedicated the last four years of his life, 365 days a year, to the medical service of disenfranchised Syrian civilians, who have suffered indiscriminate bombing, abduction, imprisonment, rape, torture, hunger, cold, homelessness and starvation.  Dr Ahmad has risked his life on innumerable occasions both at our hospital in Darkoush and at several medical facilities in Aleppo and other areas of Syria during intense bombing when casualty figures soar.  Understanding that even 20km is too risky for a patient to travel because of direct targeting of civilians and because of their medical complications, Dr Ahmad travels to the area of bombing to serve the casualties as they are brought in.  Given the massive shortage of doctors he has functioned not only as a cardiac surgeon but general and vascular surgeon, gynecologist, pediatrician, internal medicine specialist, gynecologist, laboratory technician, pharmacist, nurse, porter, cleaner and who knows what, all in the interest of serving and saving life.

In 2013 he took an ordinary building and converted it into an emergency hospital within 70 days in Darkoush, Syria, right in the middle of a war zone.  Our medical teams served with him.  The hospital has now been extended on the ground floor, two extra floors have been added and an additional construction is underway on the opposite side of the road. He not only heals patients but delivers baby milk powder, food parcels, blankets, clothing, tents, sets up and supports refugee camps, personally delivers medicines to patients several km away and takes care of multiple needs.  
All communities feel very at home with him.  On 6 February 2015, the Christian village of Qunaya was struck, with multiple casualties.  All of them came to the Gift of the Givers Hospital as do many groups from all over Syria.  The hospital has now been labelled by independent commentators and medical observers as the best facility in all North Syria.  

Please tune in tonight for more details but in the meantime you may view the hospital via this YouTube link:

Imtiaz Sooliman

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