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      sylvia hammond

      Members who are studying with Unisa might like to find fellow students who are members of skills-universe.

      There are two search options that will bring different information.

      First in the top right hand corner of the screen there is a white search box which states “search skills-universe.  Enter the word Unisa and press the little icon to the right of the box. (On some computer screens, this icon is very faint – just click to the right of the box or run your mouse over to the right of the box and the little hand with the finger pointing will come up – click there.)

      This search will bring up all discussions where the word Unisa has been used.


      The second search is of the Members’ profiles.  Go to the Member page. A little way down on the left hand side you will find a blank search box with a little icon to the right, and further to the right you will see “Advanced search”.  Click on advanced search.

      A screen will open up with a number of fields – leave all the top fields blank and go down to the lowest two boxes.  The first one says “Tell us what you do”.  Some members will have entered Unisa there.  So enter the word Unisa in that box – leave everything else blank and press “Search”.  That will bring up all members who entered the word Unisa for that question in their profile.

      Then go back again, but leave “Tell us what you do” blank, and enter Unisa in the box next to “What companies or organisations are you with”, that will bring up all members who entered Unisa in answer to that question.  They may either work with Unisa, or be studying with Unisa.      

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