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    Enrico The-Kisho

    Dear Recruitment Officer.


    I hereby wish to apply for employment as a freelance facilitator/assessor/SDF.


    I am in possession of the following qualifications ;


    ·         BAdmin.

    ·         Diploma in Education Training and Development Practise.

    ·         Programme in Public Relations.


    I have been employed by SAPS since 1995 and held various clerical positions: Registry Clerk, Snr. Personnel Officer and Constable (ETD Practitioner) in the Division SCM of SAPS. In the last mentioned occupation, I have been responsible to assist with the management of the training function, compilation and implementation of the WSP, secretariat to the Workplace Skills Development Committee, facilitation and implementation of a record keeping and quality management system for training, management of bursaries and technical N qualifications of artisans, also facilitated training interventions, planned and conducted assessments, supported learners, pre,-during – and post administration of learning interventions. During my employment period in SAPS , I have also been part of a project team to register the organisation with SASSETA, then POSLEC SETA.


    In 2005 I have been employed by National Home Builders Registration Council as Training Officer. In 2007 promoted / transferred from their Head Office to the NC Office as Marketing, Communications and Training Coordinator. I am currently occupying a Customer Service Consultant position .Prior to appointment in this position I have also occasionally act as Provincial Manager for short periods in absence of the manager. I have been acting Supervisor : Business Services in Northern Cape NHBRC since 01 December 2019 to 31 May 2020.


    I have greatly contributed to the skills development of thousands of emerging contractors and the outcomes as per the HCPMA should be that the NHBRC should training and develop emerging contractors if they (NHBRC) want to maintain satisfactory standards of home building. My role as Training Officer in the NHBRC also assisted to enhance the quality of workmanship of emerging contractors, youth and women. Many youth and women who have been developed through the NHBRC Training Programme have become registered business entities and listed on the NHBRC database as builders meaning that the outcomes of the training interventions positively impacted on their ability to create wealth and increase their socio-economic position in society and also create employment opportunity for other community members. During my tenure as Training Officer at NHBRC, I use to administer a national budget of R17 million for the training of emerging home builder training. I have also served on the HRD/EE Committee of the NHBRC for 3 years(2012-2015).


    During my tenure as Marketing Communications and Training Coordinator , I have been involved with the communication and marketing function of the NC province. I have established relations with municipalities , communities , Department of Human Settlements , banks, legal practitioners , media . In this position I have taken on the role as “Public Relations Officer” ensuring that the provincial office engage with stakeholders , enhance communications , promote the image of the NHBRC , educate housing consumers and builders regarding the valuable final products of the NHBRC in order to create sustainable human settlements. In 2008 the province successfully hosted the Women in Housing conference , whereby woman from across South Africa attended.


    I am currently occupying a Customer Service Consultant position which is primarily responsible for the registration , renewal of home builders and enrolment of homes. I have been in this position since February 2011. During this period I have been involved in successfully registering – and renewal of home builder membership and home enrolments on the Siebel and SAP CRM system according to policy, process and procedure. The task that has been entrusted in me was not only to create and input for the technical section in the form of inspections , but this contributed to the building of homes that adheres to the minimum technical standards prescribed by the NHBRC and SANS 10400.


    I have developed professionally in a number of skills which could be of great use to the future employer, which include intermediate to advanced computer skills, planning, organising, leading and control. Besides this I have good interpersonal relation skills and also communication skills. I believe I have the ability to lead and positively influence teams to voluntarily do their best. I also have a determination to succeed and do everything to the best of my abilities and to add quality to products and services. I am a fast learner and have the ability to adapt to changes in the working environment easily and also I have a solid understanding of public –and business administration.


    I am also registered with ETDPSETA for 2 full qualifications and LGSETA for 4 full qualifications.


    My career has also been characterized by my ability to work with a diverse group of people which made me to succeed in my career. I have a passion to work with , serve and develop people. If employed by the George Municipality , I will readily become a team player that adheres to company policy ensuring that the NHBRC could be seen as the best in its industry.

    Supporting documents , such as CV ,qualifications and proof of progessional registratiom will be made available on engagement for CV and when an offer is made for all other supporting documents.




    Enrico The-Kisho.




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