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      Warren Bentley

      I am a Freelance facilitator

      1. Dissecting the National Development Plan
      2. New Construction Regulations and Amendments
      3. Public Policy making and Implementation
      4. Budgeting, Cost Management and Reporting
      5. Supply Chain & Logistics
      6. PMP – Project Management Professionals
      7. Monitoring & Evaluating, the Impact of Policy Learning
      8. Demand Management
      9. Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness for Parastatals to achieve their Mandate
      10. Health & Safety
      11. Performance Management for improved Competence to enhance Service
      12. Warehousing and Distribution
      13. Construction Contract Management for Project Management
      14. Construction Contracts under Fidic
      15. Clean Audits and Achieving a Clean bill of Audits
      16. Fleet Management
      17. Inventory and Inventory Management
      18. Safety and Risk Compliance
      19. Risk Based Auditing of contracts and projects
      20. POPI- Protection of Personal Information Act
      21. ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
      22. Risk Management
      23. Financial Management
      24. IFRS

      I am also a registered Assessor with ETDP Seta.
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