By strumpherkluyts, 20 May, 2015

Contact Detail: 082 924 8251 [email protected]

FET Certificate: Occupationally-Directed Education Training and

Development Practices: Qualification ID 50332 NQF Level 4

ETDP Constituent Assessor

Conduct Outcome Based Assessments:

Qualification ID 115753 NQF Level 5

Registration Nr. AKL 194125

TETA Constituent Assessor

Freight Handling NQF Level 3

Qualification ID 57831 (US Attached)

Registration Nr. TETA – ASSR 13-45

Services SETA Constituent Assessor

GETC Business Practice NQF Level 1

Qualification ID 61755

Services SETA Constituent Assessor

National Certificate New Venture Creations (SMME) NQF Level 2

Qualification ID 49648


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