By Anonymous (not verified), 11 October, 2016

Hello everyone, its been some time since my last post, but I think the time is ripe to report on the progress at the ETDPSETA:

I must admit I have been "hammering and testing" the new processes and it seems to gain momentum. I can say (from my experience) that the processes related to verification, verification windows, uploads and SOR's seems to be running. Here is the latest info, and I urge you to test it and see if it works. May I ask you to stay calm, most are new appointments, learning the trade, but they DO PICK UP THE PHONE, AND they do try to help. From my point of view it is already a 100% improvement (100% over nothing is better than nothing at all). Stay calm, stay polite and work with them. 120 of my learner uploads have been resolved within 1/2 a day. So please give it ago. I thank the ETDPSETA and must congratulate Linda Khubone and Ntombenhle on really productive assistance provided. To my fellow skills providers, I truly hope and believe you will experience the same service as I have since yesterday morning

Please take note of the following announcements:


1. As of 05 October 2016, all external moderation/verification requests must be sent to [email protected] by the 20th of each month, these will be scheduled the following month on a first time basis. A date will be communicated to provider by the 25th of each month


2. All external moderation/verification window opening and extensions must be directed to Ms Ntombenhle Thombeni @ 011 372 3397 or [email protected]


3. All endorsements and certification queries must be directed to Ms Thatohatsi Chipa @ 011 372 3339 or [email protected]


4. All datanet queries must be directed to Mr Imran Dawood @ 011 372 3342


5. All external moderation reports must be submitted within 48 hours to [email protected]



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