Feedback on urgent meeting for Private FET Colleges by the DHET

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    Hi Rick

    Do you have any more information on the January meeting (date, venue etc.)?


    Handri Stadler

    Thrive Learning Facilitation


    Two trends have come out of this discussion – the legal technicalities of whether the interim arrangements are sustainable (or actionable) prior to the necessary legal amendments, and also the manner in which providers deal with government officials.
    On the second point, one assessment of USA Presidential election suggested that voters voted for the person who seemed better able to deal with difficult problems and people. It seems that the people who succeed best in today’s complex, difficult, contested environments (which definitely describes skills development), are not the richest, the best educated or the most intelligent, but the ones best able to work constructively within that environment.
    Finally – an observation. Silence implies consent, so I’d suggest that if one attends a meeting where the audience is from a common interest group and one of the audience is particularly rude, and the audience remains silent, the implication is that they are in agreement.


    Well said Dr Nel, thanks for sharing this information with us.That is what i like about this site,we are at all times informed and updated, keep up the good work.

    Des Squire

      Hi Hannes,

      The response from QCTO is as follows – “Current SAQA registered qualifications have been extended by SAQA on behalf of the QCTO for another three years as an interim transitional arrangement until the QCTO Qualifications are in place.

      The ETQA regulations that governed the ETQA functions of SETAs and Professional Body ETQA came to an end on 30 September 2012. As form 1 October 2012, the QCTO delegated the Quality Assurance Functions of the re-registered SAQA Qualifications to the current SETAs and Professional Body ETQAs in line with their allocated Qualifications to quality assure by SAQA before 1 October 2012.


      Hi Sylvia

      This is just an update on the issue regarding the Joint Communique of 2012 and the deregistration of private FET providers that do not offer Umalusi qualifications.

      I see in today’s New Age newspaper is a message to the Matric Class of 2012 and out-of-school youth from Minister Nzimande, giving them advice about the process for registering at Public FET Colleges. He also urges students who want to enrol at private colleges that they have to ensure that the college is “legally registered”, by asking a set of questions (inter alia):

      1. “Is the private education institution registered with the DHET?”

      2. “If registered, is the certificate for registration displayed?”

      4. “Is the qualification you are interested in listed on the certificate?”

      It seems that the DHET missed the trick here to inform students of the new registration requirements of private FET/SD providers – it is as if the Joint Communique never happened.

      I sincerely hoped that 2013 would bring more clarity…




    Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 30 total)
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    One thought on “Feedback on urgent meeting for Private FET Colleges by the DHET

    • Bernadette Perumal


      Finally someone , has the guts to stand up. Truth be told, comrade Blade does not have a clue as to what skills development is and what community development is all  about. He needs to take a walk and see who the real service delivery foot soldiers are. Dr.  Ivor is definitely the man to watch. He is definitely  not a monkey see, monkey do pleasing person. Well done SSeta. This is democracy in its true form. Not communistic pardon my pun. Its not about I , me and myself. Its about education and development. Well done, Dr. Blumenthal/ We the committed education and development practitioners salute you. As our president said. We must stand up for what we believe in. You have the support from SADEPA AND ITS 8645 MEMBERS

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