Feedback on urgent meeting for Private FET Colleges by the DHET

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    I have a pretty good idea about who might have misbehaved …. par for the course, is all I can say.


    Name and shame ….

    Ilana Smit

      Providers must inform DHET in writing by the 7 November if they wish to remain registered or else all providers will be removed by default.  If you have notified DHET of your intention and you now want to change your choice you can also do so by the 7th.

      karen deller

        Hi everyone – one issue that has not been address is that of VAT.  SARS exempts private providers who are registered with DHET from the VAT Act because there is no VAT on educational services.  But the VAT Act clearly states that the company must be registered with DHET (this is section 12(h)(i)(aa) of the VAT Act 1991).  If we are de-registered does this mean we now need to charge VAT, which will increase the cost of education to the end user?  I have directed an enquiry to SAQA on behalf of CIMAP for an official answer – but maybe someone else would like to speculate while i am waiting for SAQA to get back to me?

        Ilana Smit

          Thank you for a very accurate account of the meeting. 

          Des Squire

            I repeat what I have said on so many occasions – to change the world we need to change our atttitudes. Ignorant people refuse to change attitudes and that is the type of person you refer to.

            Thank you for the feedback. I will try to get clarification about the recognition of unit standard based qualifications for you. It is attitude and not aptitude that determines altitude.

          Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 30 total)
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          One thought on “Feedback on urgent meeting for Private FET Colleges by the DHET

          • Bernadette Perumal


            Finally someone , has the guts to stand up. Truth be told, comrade Blade does not have a clue as to what skills development is and what community development is all  about. He needs to take a walk and see who the real service delivery foot soldiers are. Dr.  Ivor is definitely the man to watch. He is definitely  not a monkey see, monkey do pleasing person. Well done SSeta. This is democracy in its true form. Not communistic pardon my pun. Its not about I , me and myself. Its about education and development. Well done, Dr. Blumenthal/ We the committed education and development practitioners salute you. As our president said. We must stand up for what we believe in. You have the support from SADEPA AND ITS 8645 MEMBERS

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