Fair Rates for Facilitation

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      Hayley Gillman

      Dear all

      We are doing a benchmark of what a fair rate is for facilitation at various group sizes for one day.

      Please can you indicate what you pay or you think is a fair rate for a 1 day facilitation. Should the rate vary based on number of ppl? if for example it is a one or one versus a group of 20?

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      Abraham Onyemari

      Hi Hayley,

      I have also been thinking about facilitation rates because I also think that we need to agree on this rates and be guided accordingly.

      I think the rates would vary depending on the duration of the training. So a 5 day Facilitation should be R2000 per day. Should it go beyond 5 days then R1500 is fair. Ultimately the negotiation rate lies with the parties involved.


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      Makoti Malvern Maja

      I think the rate should be based on experience.

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      Derrick Sales

      Hi Hayley.

      I have not been training as a profession for very long, but I do have vast and diverse experience of over 35 years. There are sadly fly by nights and hoodwinkers that charge R800.00 up to R1500.00 per day, this is a generalization of course,they do not have the learners or the learner-ship at heart and make it extremely difficult for those of us who do pride ourselves in what we do.

      A fair rate begins at R2000.00 per day in my opinion, for up to 10 learners, over 10 then a higher rate needs to be negotiated. as with all things you eventually get what you pay for.

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      Paul Nxumalo

      Hie all!

      That is a truism Hayley, i absolutely agree with you on that one. We are doing it with passion!

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      Celestine Jeftha

      This is a very difficult question to answer and in my view very subjective and dependent on the level and type of training.
      I earn between 4500 and 8000 per day dependent on who I am freelancing for.

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      Raymond Chisara

      In my opinion there are many issues that come to play here;
      1. No of Learners
      2. The level of Qualification( eg level 2 vs level 7)
      3. Duration of the the training( as days increase a discount comes into effect)
      4. The location of the venue for training( Rates in JHB and Nelspruit tend to differ)..the cost of living is higher in some areas
      5. The experience under the belt of the trainer.Surely I cant be compared with a newcomer when I have been in the industry for 30years.
      6. The age of the training company- This should also come into play.How well established is the company.We should as trainers give chance to businesses that are still being breast fed and help in nurturing them by not charging the same prices we charge fully fledged businesses
      7. The demand of the qualification or course…Generic courses are cheaper to facilitate as compared to specialty areas…We have a lot of trainers in generic hence the law of supply and demand come into play.
      having said that I generally agree that a R2000 in the current economic condition should suffice going up…

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