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    Thabo Ngwenya

      We have applied for DG’s and accordingly are in search of support staff for the following interventions:
      Note that the sought after FAMS must be 1 level above the course they will be involved with.
      . Higher Certificate in Management for Estate Agents id 71775 L5 (Gauteng
      .FETC : Seed Production 48647 Level 4 (Gauteng Province)
      .FETC Management and Admin L4 (49129) Gauteng and Western Cape.
      .Certificate: Facilities Management L5 Gauteng and Western Cape
      . Intro Project Management Level 4 (21046)[GP]
      .FETC : New Venture Creation L4 66249 [GP]
      . FETC : Banking L4 [GP]

      please forward your responses/CV’s to:
      Kind regards

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      Segodi Tlou

        This seed production is it under agriseta?

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