By Dinisham, 4 October, 2018

I am currently looking for a facilitator to give to training to 20 employees on a Basic understanding of the below topics.

This training will be provided to all levels of staff (secretary up to Manager level) Inhouse training. Training should be a very basic understanding of the content below. We would like there to be a quiz/test for each of the participants for each lesson

The content can be broken down into 2 or 3-hour sessions on different dates. In order for it not to be overwhelming for the staff to grasp the concepts.

1) Types of Companies in S.A
2) How to establish a new company in S.A (procedure, registrations, laws, etc)
3) Principle Agreements (MOU,NDA,SPA,SHA,J/V)
4) Types of Due diligence
• Legal D/D
• Financial D/D
• Technical D/D (Eg. Of a business case, why would we be interested to do business)
• Any other D/D, if applicable ( Eg, BEE, special requirements in S.A)


• To ensure that all participants have a basic understanding of the 1 ) procedures 2) Principle Agreements 3) D/D basics
• To enable people to feel more comfortable in dealing with establishing new business in S.A


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