By celestejacobs, 18 March, 2016

We are offering the above ETDP Seta accredited courses via correspondence training.  Please contact Celeste on 0825989083 or email [email protected] for prices and further information.

Our prices are very hard to beat!

The Unit Standard

Title:  Facilitate learning using a variety of methodologies

ID: 117871

NQF level: 5

Credits: 10

You cannot believe the difference between learning from a skilled facilitator versus learning from a traditional trainer/presenter!

Some of the key tools we enable facilitators to master are:

  • Building rapport, establishing credibility and winning buy in
  • Using a special key to foster openness among people
  • Mastering the little known art of using questions for maximum participation, thinking, learning and discovery
  • Using structures which orientate people so they know at all times where they are, where they are heading and where they have been
  • Merging a learning environment and the actual work situation seamlessly
  • Presenting seemingly dull information in an interesting and unforgettable way
  • Building and maintaining participant self esteem
  • Subtle signs to look for and how to respond to them when working with individuals and groups
  • Dealing with disagreements, disruption, chaos, objections and demanding individuals
  • Summarizing to ensure a learning interaction remains indelibly imprinted


The Unit Standard
Title: Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment
ID: 115753 (ASSMT01)
NQF level: 5
Credits: 15

What do assessors do?

  1. Assessors examine to see to what extent an individual has mastered a given field of learning.
  2. Assessors evaluate or test a candidate’s performance and knowledge against pre set documents (called unit standards) and then make a finding.

Assessors may award (certify/certificate) candidates with unit standards or qualifications that have been achieved.  Assessors help map out plans which would lead candidates to be able to achieve competence.

This course will allow you to conduct assessments in your field of expertise.  Once you’ve gained this qualification you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of outcomes-based training
  • Prepare for and conduct assessments
  • Review and provide feedback on evaluations done


The Unit Standard
Title: Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments
ID: 115759
NQF level: 6
Credits: 10

Why moderate assessments?

  1. To comply with requirements necessary for accreditation
  2. To pass audits and verification visits
  3. To ensure assessments are fair, systematic and comprehensive
  4. To form a picture of how well people-development is working within an organisation and which aspects of people-development might need attention

With this qualification, you’ll have the ability to conduct internal or external moderation of outcomes-based assessments.  Your skills will also include:

  • Being able to prepare for and oversee moderations
  • Advising and supporting assessors
  • Report, record and administer moderations
  • Review relevant systems and processes


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