Facilitation and assessment - request for clarification

By sylviahammond, 12 October, 2016

Good morning members,

Recently I unfortunately missed a QCTO workshop because I had badly sprained my ankle, so I think I may have missed something very important.

On the Accreditation of training service providers/skills development providers by a SETA or the QCTO, is there a new requirement that the facilitators need to be responsible for the assessment of their training?

In the past I know that some facilitators, who were also registered assessors could do that, but that some facilitators who were not assessors had the learner assessments done by someone else.

If there is a new requirement, then that would mean that every facilitator must be an assessor as well - registered to assess the qualification/part qualification/us that they were facilitating.

Please inform me - have I missed something? 


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